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Primary Care in Santa Monica

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Brent Michael
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Brent J. Michael

Family Medicine and Primary Care Doctor

Dr. Brent Michael is a well-respected family and primary care doctor who has served patients in the Santa Monica area for more than 15 years. Dr. Michael provides top-quality medical care to achieve optimal results and provide peace of mind to patients and their families. He works collaboratively to incorporate the latest medical advances, pharmaceutical developments, and homeopathic medicine into a plan developed jointly with the patient.

He graduated from UCLA – Santa Monica residency where he is now an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Family Medicine Department.

Dr. Michael has years of experience serving patients in the Santa Monica area. He and his staff have designed his practice to be top-level, patient-centered, and devoted to providing you with excellent care in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Be assured that you and your family members will receive the attention and care necessary to achieve optimal health and peace of mind. Please contact our office now to schedule your appointment!

Concierge Care

Dr. Michael also offers concierge care, which is a more intensive, individualized form of care.
This special care may be sought by patients who are:

  • facing a health crisis,
  • who have complicated overlapping health issues,
  • who are in need of a medical “coach” to help them find and get access to the best experts to address their medical needs,
  • who need someone to monitor their care while they are unconscious or unable to make critical decisions because of a medical issue or the side effects of treatment, or
  • who need a “quarterback” to coordinate the work of several specialists on a medical team.
  • Services may include 24/7 telemedicine or house calls.

Geriatric Care

Dr. Michael is trained in Geriatric Care. He understands the special needs of patients with dementia and elderly patients suffering from depression. His compassionate approach to medicalAn old lady smiling care is ideally suited to this population. Dr. Michael has been recognized for excellence in caring for elderly patients and he recently received the prestigious St. John of God Healing Award.

The St. John of God Healing Award was given to Dr. Michael for his work at the St. John of God Retirement and Care Centers. The award is “traditionally given to an individual who reflects the dignity of human life in the care of the sick and elderly.” If you or a loved one is looking for a physician who provides compassionate care to elderly patient, please call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Michael today.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

Our office accepts most PPO insurance, as well as Medicare and cash. We do not accept any HMO insurance.

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Brent Michael

Our Patient Reviews

Brent J. Michael, MD

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 34 reviews

Tammy Siever

Dr. Michael is the most Caring Dr. I have had the privilege of having taking care of my health needs. His calm and personal demeanor is above and beyond what I have ever experienced. I have never had issues with the the waiting time but, if ever I did I would not complain because he is worth the wait. I get his complete attention the entire visit. When I leave I feel very confident that he has completely covered my heath needs from head to toe. I would recommend him to anyone who wants is concerned or wants a Dr. to be concerned about their health.

Gianpaolo von Nacher

Dr. Michael has been our family doctor for over 10 years. He has always been the main pillar in our family care; specially a few years ago when my father wouldn’t have been able to get through a very difficult period without his care. He always goes the extra mile. His staff is amazing. Anita, his nurse, always efficient, loving and caring. Aileen, in the front desk, always responsive and helpful. I’m very grateful to have them on our side.

Mark B

I could literally write pages about Dr. Michael. I thankfully met him and his staff over 13 years ago after I had been suffering from a serious lung infection for over a month that 2 other doctors had missed.- 1 due to being totally arrogant and thinking I just had a cold. I was burning up and so sick I could barely walk. Dr. Michael took the time and actually listened to me - instead of just saying its probably just the flu (as the other doctors had done) or just a cold and sending me home, he actually did a complete physical on me an then had the intuition to order a chest x ray on me (I was not even coughing at the time) and then really looked at it and discovered that I actually had a really serious lung infection and started me on antibiotics. While this may sound like no big deal - it actually was, as he actually saw that it was not a normal looking lung infection and I later learned he went above and beyond and had a infectious disease specialist look at the x ray just to be safe and as he suspected it was even more serious. Since that day he has always been my main doctor. I would also like to add that I have a serious long term health condition and most doctors would generally attribute many of my current and past health issues to my main condition (it usually is the case) but Dr. Michael always looks at whatever is happening to me at the moment as if I was a new patient. This is probably his biggest talent and gift as a doctor as he has on more than one occasion over the years thought outside the box with me and has figured out quickly why I was sick at the time - sometimes it was minor but more than a few times it was really serious. His quick way of thinking and knowledge and intuition is what kept me from getting sicker and going into the hospital. If you are looking for a doctor that actually treats you like a person and not a number then see this man. I am not a celebrity or a wealthy person - far from it - but he treats me like I am - many Vets like myself go to the VA and its a great blessing but I just do not have the energy to go there as its so big. Dr. Michael is seriously brilliant and really patient and I am truly thankful I found him.

Edward Dragavon

Dr. Michael takes the time to explain the meaning of medical terms and test results in a way that a lay person can understand. He is very thorough and answers any question that you may have. His staff is also very professional and competent at their tasks. Given a choice, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Tim Whalen

Dr. Michael is an intelligent caring human being who is focused on positive outcomes. He has a great ability to synthesize the details of lab results and other tests into preventive measures. I greatly respect his approach to care.

William Barry

A very smart and caring doctor. Very intuitive and yet he will base his decisions on test data. Patient for over 10 years. 5 stars

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Emory Universirty
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Co- Major: Human & Natural Ecology
  • Minor in German Opera
Southern Illinois University of Medicine Univeristy of Miami
  • Family Medicine Internship
University of California, Los Angeles
  • Family Medicine Residency
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Affiliations and Awards


St. John of God - Resident Doctor

UCLA - Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine - Teaches at Common Ground in the area of Addiction and Harm Reduction


Suboxone Provider through the (APAA) American Association of Family Physicians American Medical Association
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