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Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, is a very common, highly contagious condition. Pink eye is an inflammation of the thin clear tissue covering the white part of the eyeball and lining the inside of the eyelid. This lining is called the conjunctiva.

Pink eye is usually not serious, though it is very contagious and commonly spreads rapidly through schools and daycare centers. Prompt treatment helps to prevent any long-term problems. If it occurs in a newborn baby, however, the doctor needs to know right away because the infection may cause vision problems that may require urgent care.

Pink eye can be caused by bacteria or a virus. Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause a form of bacterial conjunctivitis that can be dangerous and lead to vision loss. Chlamydia can also cause conjunctivitis. Newborn babies passing through the birth canal can get pinkeye from mothers infected with the bacteria.

Irritation of the eye can be caused by seasonal allergies, a sty, inflammation of the gland along the eyelid and other problems that are not pink eye. Diagnosis will determine if you have pink eye or some other eye issue. Treatment for pink eye depends on the cause.

Viruses that cause the common cold can also cause pink eye. They do not respond to antibiotics and must run their course. This type can last four to seven days. If the conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria, antibiotics can be used to cure it. Symptoms may go away before you use up all your medicine but be sure to follow your doctor’s orders. Antibiotics may be in the form of ointment, pills or eyedrops.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

Several things can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva. The symptoms you experience will depend on the cause of your pink eye. They include:

  • Redness in the inner eye or white part of the eyeball
  • Itchy or burning eyes
  • Swollen conjunctiva
  • Excessive tearing
  • Thick yellow discharge crusts over the eyelashes
  • Green or white discharge from the eye
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Call your doctor for an exam if your eyes are secreting a large amount of green or yellow discharge or your eyelids are stuck together when you wake. You should also be evaluated if you have severe pain when you look into a bright light or if your vision is affected by the pink eye. Schedule an appointment if you experience a high fever, chills, facial pain or vision loss with pink eye. Infants with pink eye need to be seen right away. Dr. Michael sees patients for urgent care if you need immediate medical care.

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Tammy Siever

Dr. Michael is the most Caring Dr. I have had the privilege of having taking care of my health needs. His calm and personal demeanor is above and beyond what I have ever experienced. I have never had issues with the the waiting time but, if ever I did I would not complain because he is worth the wait. I get his complete attention the entire visit. When I leave I feel very confident that he has completely covered my heath needs from head to toe. I would recommend him to anyone who wants is concerned or wants a Dr. to be concerned about their health.

Gianpaolo von Nacher

Dr. Michael has been our family doctor for over 10 years. He has always been the main pillar in our family care; specially a few years ago when my father wouldn’t have been able to get through a very difficult period without his care. He always goes the extra mile. His staff is amazing. Anita, his nurse, always efficient, loving and caring. Aileen, in the front desk, always responsive and helpful. I’m very grateful to have them on our side.

Mark B

I could literally write pages about Dr. Michael. I thankfully met him and his staff over 13 years ago after I had been suffering from a serious lung infection for over a month that 2 other doctors had missed.- 1 due to being totally arrogant and thinking I just had a cold. I was burning up and so sick I could barely walk. Dr. Michael took the time and actually listened to me - instead of just saying its probably just the flu (as the other doctors had done) or just a cold and sending me home, he actually did a complete physical on me an then had the intuition to order a chest x ray on me (I was not even coughing at the time) and then really looked at it and discovered that I actually had a really serious lung infection and started me on antibiotics. While this may sound like no big deal - it actually was, as he actually saw that it was not a normal looking lung infection and I later learned he went above and beyond and had a infectious disease specialist look at the x ray just to be safe and as he suspected it was even more serious. Since that day he has always been my main doctor. I would also like to add that I have a serious long term health condition and most doctors would generally attribute many of my current and past health issues to my main condition (it usually is the case) but Dr. Michael always looks at whatever is happening to me at the moment as if I was a new patient. This is probably his biggest talent and gift as a doctor as he has on more than one occasion over the years thought outside the box with me and has figured out quickly why I was sick at the time - sometimes it was minor but more than a few times it was really serious. His quick way of thinking and knowledge and intuition is what kept me from getting sicker and going into the hospital. If you are looking for a doctor that actually treats you like a person and not a number then see this man. I am not a celebrity or a wealthy person - far from it - but he treats me like I am - many Vets like myself go to the VA and its a great blessing but I just do not have the energy to go there as its so big. Dr. Michael is seriously brilliant and really patient and I am truly thankful I found him.

Edward Dragavon

Dr. Michael takes the time to explain the meaning of medical terms and test results in a way that a lay person can understand. He is very thorough and answers any question that you may have. His staff is also very professional and competent at their tasks. Given a choice, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Tim Whalen

Dr. Michael is an intelligent caring human being who is focused on positive outcomes. He has a great ability to synthesize the details of lab results and other tests into preventive measures. I greatly respect his approach to care.

William Barry

A very smart and caring doctor. Very intuitive and yet he will base his decisions on test data. Patient for over 10 years. 5 stars

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